AD Mobile
red bus

03 May 2006

AD Group’s advanced TransVu mobile digital CCTV recorder has been selected by First Manchester for a major trial - arranged by Digital Transport Solutions - to enhance the safety of passengers and its
drivers as well as to act as a deterrent against fraudulent claims.

For the initial trial phase of the project the TransVu system, which recently won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category, has been installed by Digital Transport Solutions at First’s Oldham depot.

Said Jeff Berg, technical specialist with AD Group who worked closely with Digital Transport Solutions on the project: “Digital Transport Solutions have considerable expertise in the transport sector and we
were delighted that they selected TransVu to be at the very heart of their proposed CCTV solution for First.”

TransVu has made a big impact on the way CCTV is managed by large bus fleets worldwide. Images and incidents from a bus are automatically downloaded at the depot, eliminating the need for time consuming manual archiving. Status reports immediately highlight any tampering with the
system, such as masking cameras, and it also assures operators that the system is always operating and no incident will be missed. GPS capability allows the vehicle to report its position immediately to
base, while intelligent power management controls system operation without intervention by an operator.

Commented John Zawada, Managing Director of Digital Transport Solutions: “TransVu is an extremely capable, user friendly and robust system. The combination of this and our commitment to customer support and training are key benefits recognised by First Manchester.”

Said Ian Davies, Managing Director at First Manchester: “We see the type of technology provided by the TransVu system as a vital tool in the effective management of our bus fleet, given its ability to link images with information such as a vehicle’s position, speed and operation of brakes. Even more important is the enhanced security provided for the traveling public and our staff, who have the reassurance that if there are any criminal incidents, from vandalism to assaults, evidence can be
submitted to the police to help secure convictions. Crucially, the system also gives us the added benefit of identifying fraudulent claimants.”

'TransVu has made a big impact on the way CCTV is managed by large bus fleets worldwide.'