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Transportation environments can often prove harsh for electronic equipment, with exposure to repetitive shocks and vibration proving too much for some systems.

Specifically designed for public and commercial transport applications and encased in a ruggedised metal chassis, the TransVu Compact mobile video recorder and server can withstand this tough environment to provide uninterrupted in-vehicle security surveillance.

Small, light and robust, the TransVu Compact is ideal in space restricted situations where the application demands resilience from the product.

The TransVu Compact digital recorder can provide a long, trouble free service in high vibration environments making it one of the most powerful transit surveillance tools available today.










> 4 Composite video inputs

> MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 selectable recording options

> 50/60pps (PAL/NTSC) @4CIF, 100/120pps @2CIF

> Developed specifically for transport applications and
high vibration environments

> Simultaneous MPEG-4 and MJPEG transmission
and recording

> MultiMode Recording - Dynamically-switchable resolution, record-rate & compression (MPEG4/MJPEG) per camera

> Intelligent power management based on ignition and
supply voltage sense

'The TransVu Compact offers robust security surveillance in a compact and light form factor.'