AD Mobile
Taxi Application

31 May 2007

AD Group premiered TransVu Express, a compact and lightweight addition to its Queen's Award winning family of mobile digital video recorders, at IFSEC 2007.

The ruggedised TransVu Express, with aerospace grade anti-vibration mounts, is targeted at smaller bus operators, public service vehicles, taxis, and is also suitable for covert and mobile surveillance. Very low power consumption makes the system ideal for fast set-up in isolated areas where there is no mains supply and TransVu Express can run off batteries via solar power.

In terms of installation, the TransVu Express unit's small size means that it can be readily mounted under a seat of a bus or even in the boot of a car. A single connector facilitates easy fitment and removal.

Crucially, TransVu Express has many features commonly only found on larger, more expensive, units such as the ability to automatically download footage and system status on request via wireless communications technologies, and can be accessed remotely via cellular networks (i.e. GPRS HSDPA and 3G). Intelligent power management based on ignition and supply voltage sensors means that the unit will carry on recording for a predefined period after the vehicle's engine has been switched off. Certain models can also provide local monitor output. 

Images can be stored on a fixed or removable hard drive in transport applications; a compact flash variant is available for extreme conditions such as mining, oil rigs, heavy duty mechanical equipment and in generally dusty environments.

TransVu is built on the core AD Group NetVu Connected technology, which makes it seamlessly interoperable with all other AD Group servers and DVRs including market leading Dedicated Micros products.

'TransVu is built on the core AD Group
NetVu Connected technology.'