TransVu Surveillance delivers an IP Digital security solution designed specifically for transport, mobile or non-standard security applications.

Designed to meet the harsh needs of the transport environment, where exposure to repetitive shocks and constant vibration can prove destructive for some electronic systems, TransVu products provide uninterrupted in-vehicle security surveillance for both public and commercial transport applications.

In addition to moving vehicle applications, TransVu is ideal for mobile surveillance, rapid deployment and a solution for applications where a conventional security system is not practical due to environmental factors or installation challenges.

For installations where battery backup provides the only option for power or recording in high-risk areas where health and safety issues place constraints on the use of power supplies, The 10 to 30 volt supply voltage range and low current consumption make the TransVu product range ideal for remote or high risk installions.

Using NetVu Connected technology, all TransVu products are fully network capable and can be accessed via wireless LAN or 3G/4G technology.