Transportation environments are notoriously harsh for electronic systems where constant exposure to shock, vibration, and dirt along with high volumes of operational hours can significantly lessen the performance or lifespan of security installations.

TransVu products deliver an IP Digital security solution designed specifically for transport applications. Our ruggedised, fully-sealed case design and aerospace grade anti-vibration (A/V) mounts allow TransVu units to withstand the on-board conditions within vehicles to provide uninterrupted vehicle security surveillance and data recording and provide a long, trouble free service life making it one of the most powerful, value for money transit surveillance tools available today.

Alongside traditional DVR features such as alarm, and audio recording, the TransVu unit incorporates features specifically developed for the transportation market including location tracking via GPS, a built-in accelerator, intelligent power management, integration with vehicle system data (such as Tachometer), and a driver panic button to enhance the functionality of our systems.